Last Day of Summer

My final day of summer 2013.  Bittersweet.  Ready to start the year but will miss being home with my girls sooo much!!!!  It has been the best summer we've had in years and we've had so much fun together.  I will miss it!

Riley and I dropped Julia off this morning before heading out to Ethridge to get more work done.  I always forget how much there is to do before school starts.  Thankfully I've gone in four days now and my walls are getting closer to being finished.  This will leave more room and time for planning on Friday next week after all the long, boring... ahem - I mean lengthy and invigorating meetings on our faculty handbook, student handbook and my personal favorite - bloodborne pathogens.  Woo hoo!  Same information every year that is read verbatim from a powerpoint while we have copies of that powerpoint in our hands.  Wow.  Truly inspiring... ahem.

After we spent a few hours at Ethridge, I told Riley that it was her special day as it was just the two of us and I asked her what she wanted to do.  She wanted to go to the mall and ride the carousel.  I took her on the carousel and asked if she'd like to have lunch there.  She got to choose her lunch.  She chose a massively large blueberry muffin that she claimed is the best thing she has ever eaten.  Ever!  She also had a container of fruit and chips that she didn't even open but that's fine.  We'll eat them at some point.

She wanted a friend and ice cream so I told her we could do one or the other.  She passed Dippin' dots and immediately knew she wanted them.  We sat for a while on a bench and ate them.  Then walked a little more.

Stopped at The Legends Basketball office and picked up four free Hawaiian Falls tickets!  All because we support them and sing at their game.  Can't wait to go as a family and enjoy time out there again!

Stopped at Target to get three packages of tissue paper so I could finish my poofy poms for my room.  Then went to the dentist for her checkup.  I had written down that her appointment was at 1:30, but it was at 1:00.  They called while we were at Target and we zoomed over there.  Were 15 minutes late so we didn't have to reschedule!  Phew!  Riley was adamant that she knew we were late and that I so did not have the right time and that I should have listened to her and that she just couldn't wait to see the dentist!!!  She's been asking to go there for weeks.

She went in to get her teeth cleaned.  Dentist said everything is looking great and that her molars on the bottom are still working their way out.  She had one small cavity on a baby tooth that she will have until she is 12 so she will get it filled.  Otherwise no problems at all!

She left the dentist office saying "I love this day!  This was the greatest day!  I love the dentist!!"  SO happy she loves it.

The only other thing she wanted to do all day was watch 101 Dalmations - the more modern one with Glenn Close and real people; not animated.  We tried watching it but it's darker than the cartoon and Julia was scared so we had to stop it.  She was upset that she couldn't watch her scary movie and today was very happy to have time to see it.

As soon as we got home, we put the movie on and snuggled on the couch.  Though I did tell her I was really tired.  (Julia had woken me up at 4:30am and said "Mom, I have to tell you one question.  My room is very cold."  Sure enough - she had no covers on and the temp was reading 72... brrrr.)  Riley said "Why are moms always so tired?"  I told her that it was because I was woken up so early in the morning.  Real reason is probably because moms never stop and when they do, they sleep.  :)  So I took a cat nap while laying next to her.  She finished the movie and loved it.

We picked up Jules and came home.  They both wanted to go to the park as it was so beautiful outside today - only 90 degrees!!!  Riley told me she was so cold in the car this morning with our windows down and it being 76 outside.

Riley started riding her scooter while I pushed Jules in the stroller, but she fell close to home and skinned her knee and thumb.  We went back to the house, put neosporin on it and covered them with bandaids.  Then I got her bike out and she rode that instead.

We had a blast at the park for about 45 minutes before heading home for showers, dinner, tv, facetime with grandparents and a little work for me online.  It's been a great day.  I truly loved having one on one time with Riley and having so much time to spoil her.  What a precious girl she is!


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