Gone Fishing

Riley spent the night at my parents house last night.  She always loves going over there!  She had lots of plans for what they were going to do - brought books, two dolls, two horses, a wheelchair and crutches.  Turns out she had even bigger plans too.

Today she really wanted to go fishing so they went to the store and bought a fishing pole.  Then Grandpa and Riley practiced by putting it out into the pool and then reeling it back in. After a bit with that, they went down to the lake.

Riley was holding the pole when she felt a tug and started to pull it in a little.  She told them that she had caught a fish, but they didn't believe her.  My dad took it from her and sure enough!  She had caught her first fish - a 12 inch bass!!!  She was so excited.  They said she was clapping, laughing and so incredibly excited.

She wanted to touch it but didn't want to touch it.  She then had the chance to catch a second fish.  This one was a few inches smaller and was an 8 inch bass.  Of course they put both fish back into the lake.

Riley was very excited to have such a great experience catching fish!


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