Julia's First Movie Theater Experience

Yesterday afternoon Jeremy came up with something fun for all of us to do.  Due in part to one of his coworkers telling him that we never do fun things with our kids.  In comparison to their income and ours and their crazy awesome vacations that cost thousands, I would agree to that.  Though I do think we do fun things for our family and will happily do those other expensive things if (or when) we are billionaires later in life.  :)

I digress...  so Jeremy thought up a totally awesome thing for the four of us to do:  going out to a movie!  We never go out to movies.  They are $12.50 for an adult and $10 for kids so that's a lot of money to see something we could all watch snuggled up in the comfort of our home in a few months.  But we have tons of gift cards from his work and mine so we put them to good use.  As well as an online coupon for a free adult ticket that was earned from buying four frozen pizzas that we would have bought anyway.

I digress.  Again.  Both girls had seen Despicable Me and loved it.  We went to the theater and watched Despicable Me 2.  Julia didn't take an early nap so we knew she'd be tired.  We got our seats and enjoyed the movie with the other ten people that were in the theater.  Small crowd.

We had about ten minutes before the movie started and Julia kept saying "When Ahspicable Me coming?"  When the lights got dark, she yelled out "TOO DARK!"  Then when the screen got brighter, she said "Thank you!"  When the sound got loud, she yelled out "TOO LOUD!" and covered her ears.  But it got soft again so she said "Thank you."

She giggled throughout the beginning of the movie.  Loudly and so incredibly adorable.  All very appropriate.  She started to wiggle and put her head on my lap.  The armrest between her and I raised up so that it was flush with our seats which let her lie down.  She ended up falling asleep more than halfway into the movie.  She was snoring slightly but not loudly.  Was hot as could be and very sweet.

Riley loved the movie as did all the rest of us.  At the end, Julia woke up and rested in my lap with her head on my shoulder.  She was sweet as could be and loved it.


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