Ashleigh and Mea's Party

Today the girls went to their friends' party (the girls are sisters and share the same month for their birthday so they do a party together with friends).  The girls had a lot of fun playing on the trampoline and hanging out with girls.  Though I think their favorite part was playing with the two big dogs that were at the house - Romo and Kit.  Julia was all smiles as she pet the dogs, got licked by them and played with their tails.

At one point, there were several girls jumping on the massive trampoline in the back yard.  One of the younger girls (Hannah) started telling a girl that she didn't do it - whatever it is.  The other big girls were yelling out "Yes you did!!"  and Hannah kept insisting that she didn't do it and was getting sad.  Riley yelled really loud "She didn't do it! Stop blaming her!"  The girls said "Hannah, you did it!" again and Riley yelled really loud again "You need to believe her!  If she said she didn't do it, she didn't do it!!"  Another girl stood up for Hannah and said "Yeah guys.  You need to listen to Riley."  Mind you - Riley was talking to girls in middle school and third graders.  However, they girls backed off and stopped yelling at her.  They all got back to playing and all was good.  Hannah looked very thankful.

We talked to Riley and thanked her for standing up for her friend to the big kids when she knew her friend was right.  That she made it so Hannah wasn't alone and that she wasn't ganged up on.  Riley was really proud as were we.  Such a great girl!


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