Today started the Cartwheel-a-thon at Sky High Gymnastics.  The students on pre-team and team were given a sheet to fill out telling how many cartwheels they did during the week at the gym.  They got pledges from family and friends beforehand.  Then their coach signs off on it.  The money raised will help the gym purchase new equipment.

At first I wasn't going to do anything with the information, but then saw that a friend on Facebook wrote a short blurb about it and said if anyone wanted to donate they could let her know.  So I copied her (Thanks Erin!) and did the same thing.  Though I didn't expect anything.

Two of the teachers at school donated money as well as my parents and ourselves.  To the tune of $140!  So go Riley!

We had the easy part!!  Riley had the hard part.  We found out at her lesson tonight that there is no class on Wednesday and that instead they are doing a party at Hawaiian Falls.  Riley is super excited about that as is Julia!  Ok and so am I!

However, that meant that she needed to do all 100 cartwheels if she could.  Her friend Mea is usually at class with her on Mondays and it is just the two of them with an instructor.  Mea was in Mississippi this week so it was just Riley and the coach!  A private lesson!

Riley was worked so hard.  Her coach commented on what a hard worker she was and that she didn't complain once and was excited to do anything asked of her.  She couldn't believe that she never asked for a break and only ever asked what they got to do next or to ask if she could get some water.

Her normal coach was out sick today so she had a substitute instructor who really clicked with Riley (as her normal coach does as well!).  She had a great way to help her on her cartwheels and it was impressive to see Riley do these beautiful cartwheels!  She did 50 at the beginning of the two hour workout.

At the end, Julia and I came back after going home for a few hours.  The instructor was trying to get her to finish more cartwheels, but Riley was tired.  She only had 30 to go.  Only 30.  Ha!

So I tried to think of something that might help her make it.  She was still smiling and looking happy and was running and bouncing so I knew she had energy to do it.  I told her that we'd do something special if she could do it.  She started to do her nervous giggle and then immediately turned around and put it into gear.

After every ten cartwheels, she got a drink.  She was exhausted (as was I just watching her) and thoroughly excited to have done it!!  I let her pick her special treat and told her she could ask for a few things and then we could find one that would work.  The only thing she really really wanted was a McDonald's Happy Meal so she could get a toy and enjoy a hamburger.

I was thrilled to reward her for only $3.46 and to be able to get her a good dinner after she had worked so hard.  She was incredibly happy and beaming and jumping up and down!


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