2nd Annual First Day of School Outfit Shopping

My parents and I took the girls for their annual shopping trip.  They were up for about anything and Riley had one goal the whole day:  find a necklace!  Don't know that she really cared much about finding clothes.  Though she was extremely excited about the clothes she got.  She was so focused on finding lots of accessories, but the whole point of the trip was to get an outfit for the first day.

We looked at Macy's, Gap Kids, Justice, and Gymboree.  We were about to head to Dillard's when we saw the store Naartjie.  It is a South African store that was started in Cape Town.  I absolutely love their clothing, but haven't ever bought anything there as it is always more expensive.  Not quite the range of Gymboree costs, but more than what I like to spend.

They had awesome sales today and we found several items for the girls.  I got one outfit for each girl and my parents got two outfits for Riley and one for Julia.  Very adorable and unique.

Riley then found matching necklaces for herself and Julia at Claire's.  They are hearts that open.  She came home and wrote out little paper hearts that she taped inside of the necklace hearts.  On Julia's she wrote the name "Riley" so that Julia could always have a part of her with her during the day when they are apart.  On her own heart, she wrote Julia's name so that she'd have a piece of Julia with her.  It was very sweet.

A great afternoon and we're all ready to start school in seven days!


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