Hawaiian Falls

Today Sky High Gymnastics had their party at Hawaiian Falls.  The girls couldn't wait to go! Riley woke up at 9:15 and we headed out the door at 9:30 to go to my parents house to get goggles and suits before heading out.

I found a deal online where if you bring a can of coke for each child and purchase a full price adult ticket, you get $10 off each child ticket.  Total saved: $20!  And it helped a lot so admission was only $50.

The weather today was a high of 106 with heat index of 115.  It was dry heat but it was oh so incredibly hot!!  Hot enough on the pavement that I can feel some burns on the bottom of my feet from walking on the hot pavement between the slides and things.

We walked to the pavilion saved for us and then headed straight to the wave pool.  Girls loved being on the tubes during the waves and jumping them when they weren't.  They laughed and smiled so much.  Spent so much time at the wave pool and the lazy river.  Julia loved wearing a life jacket and being able to float by herself.  Riley is tall enough to stand up in it and did her own thing.  Loved it.

Their least favorite place to be was at the play area with the kids.  Riley went down a few slides, but didn't want to do the bigger ones that she could do.  Wasn't in the mood and seemed a bit scared of them.  Happened last year, but as soon as she did one, she was hooked.  This year she just didn't want to do them so I didn't push her.

We met up with lots of different friends during the day.  Spent much of the day with Mea and Ashleigh, Peyton, Leeah and other gymnastic friends.

Sunscreen was applied six times while we were there.  Julia was getting so tired and Mea's mom offered to let Riley stay with them to play so I could take Julia home to take a nap.  Very kind of her!  As soon as we got in the car, Julia fell asleep and it's a short ride (like a minute - literally- to get home from the park).  I changed her into a dress and out of her swimsuit so she could lay on the couch.  She was like a ragdoll and never woke up.

Riley ended up staying until the park closed at 5:30.  Came right when it opened and saw it through the entire day.  Even with lots of applications of sunblock, she is quite rosy.  The darkest coloring in her skin I've ever seen.  Julia has no sunburn and just got a little color on her shoulders.  Thankful that we could be in all that heat and get as little redness as we did!

When Julia woke up from her nap, the first thing she said was "Mom, can we go back to the water park?"  It was a truly fun day!


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