Clean Bathroom

Julia has gotten into the habit of shutting the door and locking it when she is inside by herself.  I am always close by and the key to open the door is right on top.  I ask often "You okay in there Jules?"  She always replies "Don't worry, Mom.  I'm okay!"

Today was in there longer than usual.  I knew she was 'working hard' and didn't want to disturb her.  Asked the usual question and got the usual reply.

Then after several minutes went by, I heard the faucet running.  Figured she was washing her hands.  The water kept running and running.  I asked her what she was doing.  She replied "I'm washing the toilet seat, Mom."  Not sure why I thought "well, ok then!" and then walked away again.

I waited another minute or so and still heard the water going.  Asked her if she was okay and she said "Yes.  But don't come in."  At that point, I took the key off the top of the door and opened the door while telling her "Jules, I just want to check on you."

The faucet was on full blast.  She had the Bath and Body Works soap container and the towel in her hand.  She had the lid to the toilet closed and was pumping soap all over it.  Everywhere.  It smelled beautiful.  The scent is "Full Bloom."  Still smells beautiful hours later.

The floor was wet.  She was happily scrubbing and very proud of how clean it was.  The only thing she did say was that some of the bubbles were in the toilet and she asked if that was fine.  I told her it was, turned off the water, took the soap and explained it is only for hands and thanked her for cleaning.  She said "You're welcome" and left the room.  Thank you, Julia, for such a clean and fabulous bathroom!


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