Big Girl

Since being back from RI, I've been determined to help Julia become a big girl at night and to stop sleeping on her trundle bed at night.  It's been a good seven months at least since sleeping in her room just so that I could actually get to sleep.  She kept waking up throughout the night, crying when we put her to bed and not getting sleep.  And I wasn't getting sleep either.  So I started sleeping with her.

Though she would always climb down next to me and I'd have as many inches as my body could contort to when laying sideways with a preschooler's arms in my head and legs tucked under mine.  She always loves her head near mine.  Would check all the time to make sure I'm there.  Hard to believe I got better sleep this way, but I truly did.

It was more important to me to get solid sleep than to be woken up every few hours so we just managed.  But I am more than ready to get back to sleeping in our bed and to having a bit of time to myself after they go down - if even for 20 minutes!

It has been about a week and a half since changing habits.  Julia goes to sleep in her room, I leave her room and go to sleep in our bed.  She has started her old habit of getting up every 2-3 hours throughout the night (usually 3-4 times), waking me up, going potty one of them just in case and putting her quickly back to her bed and leaving to sleep for a short period again.  The nice thing is that she isn't crying and she goes back to sleep very quickly.  Obvious that she's just waking up at sleep cycle times and isn't going back to sleep on her own.  So we're now training for that.

Riley was so incredibly easy with this!  Never would get out of her bed at night; was difficult to put down for naps and bed (always came out to tell us that she had a long nap even though she hadn't slept at all!), but nighttime was a solid night of sleep.  Boy were we spoiled!!

School starts in two weeks with inservice beginning on a Friday.  Praying that we can make some headway in the next two weeks and possibly get parts of our nights back to ourselves!


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