The Weird Diseases

For some reason our family contracts the odd diseases.

Jeremy had shingles when we were first married;  Julia had hand, foot, mouth and giant hives that resulted in ER visits;  I had plantar warts beyond what is considered even normal on both feet resulting in double foot surgery... and gout... and now ringworm.  Riley is now fighting a nasty infection in her thumb nail and thumb due to picking at the skin (she does this like Jeremy does whenever she is stressed or nervous).

We went to Katy and Andy's house to spend time with them and their three boys - all three boys are under the age of 3.  And incredibly cute.  I had a drink of water and set my glass on their kitchen island.  A little while later, Andy came over and took a drink out of my cup.  He laughed about it and I said "No worries!  I'm not sick!"  Riley chimed in with "Yeah - she just has ringworm."  The looks they gave were priceless and they started laughing until I said "Yup.  True story."  I shared that I really wasn't completely sure as to where I contracted it (likely the gym on the equipment when I used the tricep machine), but thankfully it was on the underside of my left arm and was only one patch of it that hadn't spread.  I've been treating it for four weeks now and it's almost 100% gone.  Can't wait to wear short sleeves again!!  So that's on the mend.

A few days ago Riley asked for a bandaid because her thumb hurt.  She had a small red cut on the side of it.  Yesterday we saw that it was turning yellowish green and was infected under the nail.  We researched how to treat it at home and started following the directions.  Today it is now on the side of her thumb and is looking much worse.  She has a nail skin infection - called paronychia.  Completely normal but has developed into something beyond just a red cut.  Calling the doctor tomorrow to see what we need to do next - likely draining it.  Ouch!

Today Julia had her staples taken out.  It seemed to be harder to take them out than it was to get them in.  They said that she was looking great and there wasn't much scab which was a great thing.  She got a grape sucker and is now happy as can be.

Hoping the weird stuff ends soon!


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