Family Night Out

Yesterday we took the girls out for a fun family night.  We started the night off with a trip to AMC to watch the movie "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."  We'd heard that the movie was cute and the preview looked funny.  Plus who doesn't just love Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner??!!

When the day starts out badly for the family, the daughter is sick, the parents sleep in and then the mom walks into the bathroom and sees her naked teenage son.  Nothing is seen - just implied.  Later in the car, the teenage son is driving and the mom tells him to slow down (or something like that) and puts her hand on his thigh.  The son looks down uncomfortably and asks the mom to take her hand off his leg.  She looks down and says something like "Is this about what happened earlier in the bathroom?"  She then tells him that it wasn't the first time she's seen his penis.  That she's seen every penis in the van.

The theater had lots of laughing being heard and the scene was quite funny in the way it was done.  Riley called out "What's a penis?  What's a penis?"  quite loudly.  The people in front of us were chuckling and Jeremy and I both began to cry from laughter.  Jeremy was sitting next to her and couldn't get words out as he was laughing so hard so Riley called out even louder "What's a penis?  What's a penis?"  He finally croaked out in a very high pitched voice "It's the boy part."  Riley completely lost it and laughed so hard.  Jeremy and I had many tears down our face as we laughed as well.  Love her innocence.

We don't shy away from explaining the facts of life but don't go out of our way to give descriptive details of things that aren't asked or that aren't necessary to know.  We later told her that it's just what it is called and that it's just what it is called.  That girl parts have names as well as they are part of the body and it's just what it is.  She just said "Ok!"  Wishing we could keep her this innocent forever.


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