Magical Window

This past Spring when the weather was gorgeous, the girls asked if I could roll the windows down in the car.  For some reason, one of them called out "Magical Window - please roll down!"  I then used the button to roll it down and they laughed incredulously as they believed they had power.  Super girl power :)

It has now become a silly thing that we do whenever we want the windows down.  Today was a rare 75 degrees or so.  Julia asked if we could have the windows rolled down and immediately said "Magical window - please roll down!"  The girls giggled and the fun began.

"Magical window - please roll up.  Not yet... not yet.  Stop!"

"It's too windy!  My hair is in my face!  Magical window - please roll up a little more!"

"Magical window - please roll all the way down again!"

"Up... keep going... up... okay.  Stop there!"

As Julia is speaking, she is waving her hand in circles and then pushing her hand forward when she wants the window to stop.

It's the simple pleasures that make life so fun!


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