Jeremy came home on Sunday night after grocery shopping at Walmart.  He began to put away the food and other items.  Julia likes to help by putting away her snack foods into the bins at the bottom of the pantry so Jeremy called her over to help out.

As she was putting away the snacks, Jeremy reached above her to set a can a few shelves higher.  He reached to put it up as it bumped another can and hit the teriyaki sauce.  Which is in a glass container.  The container hit Julia on the top of the head and then smashed to the ground where it shattered.  Julia began to cry immediately and we were so grateful to see that her legs were fine as she only had on her tutu and leotard (same outfit she was wearing when I sliced my finger with the mirror this summer).

I went into the kitchen to see her holding the top of her head and Jeremy told me what had happened.  As he was talking, she moved her hand and she was bleeding a lot.  Though the head bleeds a lot even with a small cut.  I told him that she was cut and grabbed a clean hand towel from the drawer.  Made the hand towel wet and pressed down on her head. 

Jeremy called his sister Monica to see what we needed to do.  I was thinking the ER as it was cut about 3/4 of an inch long and looked fairly deep.  We sent Monica a picture and she said that it didn't look as though she'd need stitches, but we should take her in.  We were thinking she might get a butterfly bandaid.

I took her to Acute Kids in Frisco.  We were seen quickly as there wasn't a wait.  The doctor looked at her head and cleaned her up a little.  She said that Julia would need three staples to keep the cut closed.  She didn't recommend numbing as the needle would hurt more than just doing the staples.

Julia handled it fantastic.  She got teary and said "Ow" a few times, but overall she just held my hands and let the nurse push the skin together while the doctor stapled.  The staff was so impressed with Jules and gave her two suckers for doing so incredibly well.  Julia immediately saved one for Riley.  This made the doctor smile even more.  Jules was sooo sweet.

We'll go back this weekend to have them taken out.  She's doing great.


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