SMU Tests

I have seven exams to take to be able to be in the SMU Masters Program.  I passed five of them the first time around which was awesome.  Had two more to go.  Just took my final test last night.

After studying all weekend and meeting up with my friend Jason, who is also in the class, I took the test last night.  Only 15 questions.  Finished it feeling great and submitted.  Found that I earned a 100% on the test.

The professor was like "Oh!  Wow - you got 100%."

I said "That's more like it!  I studied so much."

Then he proceeded to tell me that's it's too bad it's only a pass/fail exam and not a graded one.  You just have to get 70% to pass each test.  Honestly, I don't care that it's only pass/fail.  I know the material and I understand it.  Earning a perfect score was enough for me.  Actually, just passing the exam with a 70% would have also felt fantastic.

The pressure is off - I won't have to pay $1500 to take the tests next semester and won't be on academic probation and can completely focus on my degree now without the tests hanging over my head.  So thankful!!


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