Teach Teachers

I had my evaluation with Martha about her observation from last week.  She came into one of my third grade classes to watch me teach the 50 minute class.  She gave me many compliments and said several things that spoke to what I am hoping to become as I further my teaching career.

The first thing she said was how exceptional my teaching is and how I absolutely must teach teachers.  That we need good teachers to teach other teachers and that I have a gift.  That I must teach teachers.

She continued to praise specific characteristics of my teaching and encouraged me with her words of encouragement about the difference I make in our students' lives.

I was truly encouraged and can't wait to see what happens as I pursue my degree.  After all, Martha was the one who used Ethridge Fun Run $$ for my Orff Level I conference which launched my Masters Degree at SMU.  Thankful for her influence in encouraging me to see what I sometimes don't see in myself every day.


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