It's Time to Neuter

Our dog Valentino has figured out that he's a little frisky.  Unfortunately the vet said he still has a testicle that hasn't dropped so the surgery to neuter will cost more unless it drops.  So we're waiting a little while.

Tonight Riley laid down on the ground and let the dog get on her leg.  He began to start moving on her and Jeremy got on to Riley about not laying on the ground and needing to get up.  She did.  The dog then moved on to Julia's leg as she was standing.  Oh for Pete's sake.

As this all happened, Jeremy tried explaining to Riley why she shouldn't lay on the ground and let the dog on her.

Jeremy:  Riley, you can't lay down on the ground and let the dog hump you like that.

Riley:  What is humping?  What does that mean?

Jeremy:  Well, humping is...

Me:  (turning around and setting my bowl of granola on the counter while laughing and wondering where this will lead)

Jeremy:  I can't explain it really well.  Humping is...  it's.... how do I say this...

Riley:  Why can't you tell me?

Jeremy:  Because it's not appropriate.

Riley:  Then why did you say that?

Jeremy:  I don't know what else to say.

**Apparently, the action he is doing is simply to show his dominance over the girls.  The vet said that he doesn't have the amount of testosterone yet to actually be 'humping.'  The vet said that the girls have to show that they are in control by rolling him on his back and gently holding him there until he goes still.  Then they are to let him walk away and not pet or cuddle him.  This helps him learn that he is not their equal.


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