How We Roll

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I teach piano students at our home.  The girls often color, play upstairs, finish homework/Fasttmath/Spelling City (Riley anyway) and go on their iPads.  Tonight they got creative.

Riley checked out a library book about making creative crafts.  One of the crafts were puppets.  She showed it to us yesterday after school as Wednesday is her library day.  When piano students were done for the night, Riley asked if we wanted to see their new puppet crafts that they made out of socks.  She brought them down and they really were cute.  She had used some kind of marker, tape and other odds and ends to create a sock puppet for each of them.  The main material was Julia's brand new socks.

While Riley was making puppets, Julia and her friend Samantha (they are both stinkin' cute together!) decided to do their hair.  Samantha is the sister of one of my students and they are a precious family.  The girls got ahold of my "After Party" hair smoothing cream made by Bed Head.  When Julia and Sam came downstairs with shiny hair and Julia's hair part was as white as white can be, I knew immediately what they'd gotten ahold of.

It smelled very sweet as well.  And their hair was very very silky and shiny.  Julia was quite proud of it.  And is now being given a shower by Jeremy while I type.

Love our creative girls.


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