Ice Skating

We met up with Jeremy's family to go ice skating at the Galleria on Sunday for Major's birthday.  It was the first time either of our girls had ever skated.  Julia didn't want to fall down, but we were able to convince her that it'd be fun to try it.  Riley was excited about it.

They both thought the ice skates were funny because they were so heavy. Jeremy waited to get skates because we weren't sure how long Julia would last and didn't want to spend more money if she'd end up sitting out.

I went around with Julia and helped her hold onto the rails around the rink as we went.  She laughed the whole time and kept saying "I'm ice skating!  I'm ice skating!"  Riley got the hang of it pretty well.  By the end of our time, she was able to skate while just holding onto my hand.  She loved it so much that now she wants to take ice skating lessons.  I'm sure she'd love that!

Julia and Jeremy skated for a while and I took Riley around the rink.  It was a really fun family afternoon.

Then we all went out to celebrate Major at Pei Wei for dinner.  It was nice to have the family together and spend time with everyone.


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