Winter Games Gymnastic Competition

Riley had her first gymnastics competition last weekend.  We were sad to miss it!  She did an amazing job!!

She scored well on beam (8.5) and floor (8.75).  My mom said her floor routine was very graceful.  All of the girls were taught the wrong dismount from the bars so they had quite a bit deducted on that.  Her score was 6-something.  Vault was also 6-something.  She doesn't run full out on the vault and is still figuring out timing in how to approach the springboard.  She'll get it!  I have no doubt about that.

One of the most exciting parts of the competition came before her floor routine.  She has been opening her water bottle by pulling the cap up with her teeth.  This has made her lower tooth even more wiggly.  She was taking a drink and couldn't get the cap up so she said "I knew what I had to do!  Use my teeth."  When she did, the tooth came right out.

My mom said she took it all in stride and was so excited that she even showed the judges that she had just lost her tooth!  The tooth fairy came that night and brought her $3.

When we talked to Riley on the phone about her competition, the only thing she really wanted to share was losing her tooth.

Julia was a trooper through the entire event and loved watching the gymnasts.


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