Commission Chart for Julia

**Also using the app "My Job Chart" found here:

Julia's role in the family is different than Riley's role.  She is three and does not have school assignments, piano lessons, gymnastics and other things, but she can help in other ways.

Julia can earn up to 50 cents each day.  She has two assignments each day of the week that she gets paid a quarter to do:

Monday thru Friday:
1.  Put napkins, forks and spoons on the table at dinner.
2.  Put toys away downstairs before watching her night show (Babar).

Saturday and Sunday:
1.  Put books on her shelves in her room.
2.  Help put her laundry away.

It is the same as what we are doing with Riley.  If her jobs are done each day, she gets paid.  If not, she doesn't get paid.


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