Washington Bound

Tomorrow Jeremy and I are leaving for a six day trip up to Washington State.  Wedding for his best friend from high school, time with my Aunt Mel and Uncle Rob, skiing, beautiful weather and mountains.  Not to mention time with Jeremy and lots of reading and relaxing I hope!

My parents are taking care of the girls and we couldn't be more thankful.  They will do an amazing job with them.

Riley has her first ever gymnastics meet at ASI Gymnastics in Plano on Sunday at 3pm.  She is so very nervous and sad and excited.  She's sad we won't be there and so are we.  We've had several talks about it.  She is nervous as it's the first time she's ever done anything like this.  I have no doubts that she will do amazing.  No matter what happens, we are proud of her.  She is an amazing and talented girl.  Proud of her for trying it and for working so hard and for the fact that she was able to find something she loves so quickly in life that she is also talented at and gifted.

Julia had her dance practice today and is excited that Riley will be coming to her school tomorrow to be with her until Grandma and Grandpa pick them up.  Julia is so sweet and kind and we are proud of her as well for being her.

We will miss our girls so much.  This will be the first time Jeremy and I have ever left both girls.  Hard to believe.  Thankful for this opportunity and thankful to know they'll be so well loved and taken care of.  Can't wait to hear the stories when we get back about what they do and say!!


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