Sweet Whispers

Tonight I put Julia to bed.  She wanted to read her magazine (American Girl Doll Catalog featuring the new doll of the year, Isabelle) and then three books and the Bible.  We read her favorite Bible story - when Jesus was born.  She saves the story with an Old Navy tag that we call our bookmark.

When we finished reading, she wanted to tell stories.  This has been something new and it's very sweet.  I make up a story about her and then she makes up a story about something.  Tonight's story was similar to our Bible reading time.  Here is what I remember of Julia's story:

Once upon a time dere was a beautiful girl named Mommy.  Mommy loved Daddy.  Dey decided to get married!  One day dere was a wittle, wittle cat outside.  Mommy asked Daddy if they could keep it so they did.  Den Mommy's belly got big and she had a baby in it.  It was Julia!  Dey had a baby and lived happily ever after.  Dee end!

After we told stories, she whispered in my ear.  She still doesn't quite understand what whispering means.  She thinks you put your face close to the person's ear and then move your mouth, but don't say anything.  Tonight she actually whispered something that wasn't clear, but it was something.  Then she laid down and whispered out loud to me, "Do you know what I told you?  I said 'I love you.' "  Such a sweet girl.

After an hour of moving around, she fell fast asleep around 10pm.  Sweet dreams my darling girl.


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