Julia's first playdate

Yesterday Julia had her friend Ariana Rodriguez over for a playdate.  It is the first time that we've ever had Julia's friends over instead of Riley's friends.  Most of the time Riley's friends come over and Julia gets to play with the siblings; yesterday Julia had her favorite friend in the world over.  It was adorable!

She couldn't wait to have her friend here.  She brought over her Rapunzel chair and sat staring at the door for several minutes before the doorbell rang.  The girls were so cute.  They ran upstairs and began playing in the playroom.  Ariana's brother Daniel (who is five) came over as well.  They all played so nicely.

It was cute to hear their little voices talking.

Ariana:  Can we say hi to your dad?
Julia:  Oh!  Sure!
A:  Where is he?
J:  I think he's in the kitchen.
A:  Let's go find him.
J:  Ok!  Follow me!

They raced downstairs to say hi, eat one of his tator tots and then race back upstairs giggling.  Ariana's mom Marta and I talked and watched them play.

Coloring, dancing, listening to music from the movie 'Frozen,' playing legos, dolls.  I think they covered it all.

The girls didn't want to be separated when it was time to go.  Ariana wanted to stay and Julia didn't want her to leave.  Ariana's birthday party is coming soon so we're glad they'll get to play together again.  Marta said that we definitely need to do another play date soon to which I agreed.

Julia told me it was the best day ever.


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