Top Golf

Had a blast today at Top Golf with all of my coworkers.  We had a January holiday party instead of a party in December.  Weather was gorgeous and it was so much fun golfing.  Will definitely do it again!

Riley had a playdate with her friend Christopher and Julia was at daycare.  Made for a long day as I didn't pick Riley up until 6pm and Julia until 6:20.  Then dinner and now we're still doing homework.

Got everything packed for our trip to Washington on Wednesday.  So looking forward to the wedding, skiing, seeing my Aunt Mel, Uncle Rob and many others and just simply having time to relax.  I will miss the girls terribly!  This is the first trip that we have ever taken away from both of them.

Update the next day:  My right shoulder is so sore!  Apparently I used muscles golfing that I don't normally use.  Lol!!  Thinking skiing might do me in ;)


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