We are SO good!

My parents were a total God-send in taking the girls for six days.  They went above and beyond to make sure that everything went smoothly for them and they were loved on so much that they didn't want to come back to us.

In fact, Riley told us the first morning we were back: "It's not as much fun here.  We got ice cream every night, a movie and oatmeal with milk poured on it so that it cooled down faster.  And I had a tv in my room.  We don't get to watch two movies.  I want to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's house."

Love that they were spoiled and that my parents did so much with them.  One of the things that my mom and dad came up with was a chart called "We are SO good!"  Anytime the girls did something sweet, kind, good and so on, they wrote it on the chart.  The girls loved it.

We are SO good!

Riley put napkins on the table
Riley helped me choose buffet items
Riley took the food to the table
Julia ate dinner (if you know Julia, this is HUGE!)

Riley got up happy
Riley got dressed
Julia got up happy
Julia put her shoes on by herself
Julia didn't want to go to school - but she went anyway
Riley got to school on time!  yay!

Julia got dressed with no fussing
Riley got herself dressed
Julia played quietly after school
Riley drew amazing pictures after school
Riley helped make ice cream for everyone

Julia surprised us by getting herself dressed!
When Jules was sad, Riley cheered her up.
Riley made purses for herself and Jules
Jules took a LONG nap.

Riley helped make French toast.
Julia cleared her dishes
Riley cleared her dishes
Julia was happy with her iPad, not Grampa's  (apparently Grampa's iPad was better and she didn't want to give it back to him.  Finally did)
Riley did AWESOME at her competition
Julia was SO well-behaved at the competition

Riley did the monkey bars at the park all by herself!
Julia took a looooooooong nap
Riley put together the Batman Lego Set

Riley woke up first
Julia ate baby pancakes
Julia went to school with no crying
Riley got dressed so fast

They were SO good!!


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