Typical Conversations

These are notes I kept on my phone from various things our girls have said...

Conversation #1:

Julia: (holding a nutcracker and using a funny voice)  I am Mr. Nutcracker.  How are you today?

Riley: I'm terrible because you speak annoyingly.

Julia:  Oh!  Thank you very much!

Riley:  It is not supposed to be a compliment.  It is supposed to be a horrifying terror.

Conversation #2:

Riley:  I told you you don't know everything.

Julia:  (putting hands on hips)  But I know everything else.

Riley:  When I grow up I want to be a drug dealer.  Then I can sell drugs to people without nicotine so that people will stop having the drugs with nicotine and stop.  Or I could be president and make it so no one can do drugs or they will go to jail.

Conversation #3:

Julia: Did you know that Jesus is taller than Dad?

Me:  How do you know?

Julia:  Jesus is older!  I think he's twelve fifty-eight.  And his back side is yellow.

Me:  How do you know?

Julia:  Hmmm... I just know!

Conversation #4:

Julia:  Why'd you say thank you to Jesus for dying on the cross?

Me:  Because he died for us so we could be forgiven.

Julia:  I want to die so I can be with Jesus and Grandpa Mo.  I miss Grandpa Mo.  I feel him in my heart.  With Jesus.  Just Jesus and Grandpa Mo in my heart.

Conversation #5:

(after my friend Stephanie's baby died less than an hour after she was born and I came home from the  funeral)
Julia:  I'm sorry that your friend baby died.  Mommy when I get to heaven can I meet their baby?  Does she have white skin like me? Will she wear a pink headband and a pink dress?


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