I love organizing and having things organized.  This isn't as easy with two kids and a dog (and a husband), but it's also not easy because I tend to pile papers in specific places and pile other things on counters and on our dresser in our room.

A new book came out this year called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  She lives in Japan and helps people tidy their spaces.  She advocates for tidying one time and then continuing to live with it that way.  That if you tidy once for good, you'll never have to tidy again.

My favorite part of the book so far that I've applied is how she folds clothing.  They become like little books and stand on end in your drawers.  Not only can you see every item of clothing instead of having to search through piles, but you fit more in the drawer in a neat fashion and it's easy to keep it that way.  Folding has become so much fun!

Having recently moved it has been easy to go through our things because we downsized.  This meant lots of less space and more need for only keeping essentials.  Especially in the Master Closet.  Our closet in the previous home was practically a room (8x10) and we had ample places to put things.  Not to mention also having an enormous bedroom where we fit two oversized dressers and two oversized nightstand/short dressers.  In other words:  we have way more than we truly need.

I put all of my clothes on the floor of our room to sort through them.  It was overwhelming.  I gave two garbage bags overflowing with clothing to a friend.  We sold a few things in a garage sale, put boxes and bags of them to CCA and once we moved, gave five boxes of clothing to Goodwill and threw old things away.  And this was only my clothes.  It was ridiculous.

In doing so, I still have all of my favorite clothes and love that I can find them easily.  I don't miss any of the things I donated/gave away/threw away.  It feels like a huge weight lifted off.

I watched a YouTube video about how to fold clothing in drawers and was able to do several of mine as well as Jeremy's and Riley's.  I haven't done Julia's yet as she prefers to throw things out of drawers and stuff them back in.  Yes, I could take the time to teach her.  Though I see it as merely being a frustrating thing to keep them in 'perfect' shape instead of being a tool to teach her organization right now.  I'm more focused on just having her wear one outfit a day at this point... we'll get there someday.

We sorted through our books, toys and cds.  I also went through my stash of yarn.  Practically had a yarn store.  Now I have an incredibly less amount and thrilled with that.  Why did we ever keep so many of these things?!  Again it was refreshing to get rid of them.

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