For the Love of God and Jen Hatmaker

"Be kind, be you, and love Jesus." - Jen Hatmaker

For the love of free books, I saw a post about being a part of the launch team for Jen Hatmaker's new book "For the Love."  I've thoroughly loved her other books that I've read and I love free things that are worth doing and getting so I put my name into the entry form thinking it was highly unlikely.  Then came the email:

Knock, knock. Who's there? YOU, because YOU are on my Launch Team for 'For the Love'!! Yeah baby!! We only had room for 10% of all applicants (what the??), and we think you got the stuff. THANK YOU for your amazing enthusiasm; I couldn't possibly love you more if I tried with all my might. You are leading well and using your influence like a boss. We all think you are amazing. We are going to get this thing off the ground together! Let me tell you, launching a book is really fun. And some of you are going to end up on the inside cover, so THAT. I said on January 1st this year that one goal was to spend less time pleasing "Not My People" ... well let's be clear: YOU ARE MY PEOPLE. I love you so. I really do. I am loyally yours forever. Let's do this thing.

My marketing team will now tell you all the fun details.

- Jen

Yup.  I was one of 500 chosen to launch her book.  Now referred to as #500 on Twitter.  Finally launch day has come and I can share!

So why should you read her book?

For so many reasons.

To laugh.  To cry.  To laugh and cry.  Then repeat.
To understand leggings as pants and tights as leggings.
To see other humans as God's gift.
To enjoy your marriage.
To get wisdom from a Christian who isn't perfect, doesn't claim to be and who brings Jesus into our everyday lives.
To hear from God.

I planned to read the book one time before moving onto my list of other books that I really wanted to read.  While I did go forward in reading other books, this book continues to be on my nightstand.  I've read it repeatedly the past few months.  In fact, it was an incredible word for me as I prepared to interview for the new job that I just started.

A teaching position was open at an amazing school and I put myself out there to go towards it.  I was nervous and seeking God as I went towards what I felt He had for me.  As I read this quote from Jen's book, God spoke to my heart with her words:

"You are good at something for a reason.  God designed you this way, on purpose.  It isn't fake or a fluke or small.  These are the mind and heart and hands and voice you've been given, so use them... the timing is never right.  Forget that.  It rarely just falls into your lap.  You are probably not guaranteed success.  This might be a crapshoot.  It will require sacrifices from you and maybe your people and you might step out on shaky, shaky legs.  But off you go because you were not created to stand still, even though it is safe and familiar and you are guaranteed never to fall or stumble or grow weary.  We are made to run.  RUN."

God spoke in many ways and this book was one of them.  What resulted in trusting in God's will was a new job, a new home, and a new lifestyle for our family.

I'm not saying that this book will cause major changes in your location or lifestyle.  But it might.

I am saying that it is an amazingly fun read with some awesome spiritual encouragement as well.


since I love the book so much, I'm giving away a free copy!!  I'll send it to your home and you can enjoy it!

Simply leave a comment on my Facebook post or here in the blog.  I'll draw a name tomorrow night and get it sent to you asap!!!

You can also purchase her book or get more information here:  


  1. You are so cute, Jessica!! Love this review, and can't wait to read the book!


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