Jesus and iPads

Scene:  In the car driving to the Galleria Mall
Time:  Ten minutes from our house to the mall
Riders:  Julia, Riley, Myself

Me: (listening to repetitive tinkly music and the girls arguing over how Julia can't see the game and Riley says it's too hard to hold it over her way)  Hey Riley - Let's turn off the iPad for the drive.

Riley:  Can I just finish this thing on the app?

Me:  What thing and how long will it take?

Riley:  Oh wait.  I just finished it.  Okay it's off.

Five seconds goes by...

Riley:  Mom, could I turn on the Jesus Bible App?

Me:  No.  Not right now.

Riley:  But don't you want me to learn about Jesus?

Me:  Yes, but I want you to follow one of his commands which is to obey your parents.  And I just told you no iPad right now.

We then had an enlightening discussion about heaven, hell, Satan, Jesus and idols.  Julia explained that Satan talked through a snake in the Garden to Eve.  Then told us that if she ever talked with a snake and knew it was Satan, she would not trust him.

Riley observed that heaven and hell both start with the letter h.  She puzzled over why they must both start with the letter h.

They had other things to share, but I can't think of them.


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