Last Night's Dream

Haven't had dreams so vivid in a while, but last night I had one that was interesting:

I was at the top of a children's playground slide.  It was very high.  The problem was that in order to get down, there was a huge stack of opened boxes.  You were supposed to jump and hope they would hold you somehow.  Riley made it down no problem and kept calling for me to come down too.  She said that if you took the boxes out one at a time and created a new stack that it would make it easy to get down.  I was still unsure so I thought that maybe I could squeeze out the right side and climb down the side of it.  But as I went to go, people started shouting for me to stop because if I climbed down the side, the slide would tip over.  I went back to the top of the slide.  And after thinking through options, I realized that I could simply slide down the slide!  I slid down and then woke up.

According to dream websites, if you dream about playground slides it has a significant meaning for me at the stage I'm in:

When you have a dream about a playground slide or a sledding downhill, this suggests a way forward that you should take to move from one stage of life to another stage.
Dreaming about a slide can also mean that you are working hard in life, taking some risks or climbing up the ladder so that you can get some positive experience in life or move to a higher status in life.
It can also indicate an event or even a specific period that you associate with the activity of sliding or walking down the hill.
This dream also represent a cheerful attitude that you are having or some given form of freedom and remembering the childhood playful actions. You may be  having a childlike fun, excitement and joy.
It also shows that you usually avoid exploring into details of any issue but you rather skim over the surface and deal with the basics of that issue instead of going in-depth. (not sure about this last sentence as I'm usually pretty in-depth, but the rest - um yes!)


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