SMU Analytical Techniques

This semester will be the hardest one for grad school yet!  I have Dr. Lane Harder at SMU and taking the class "Analytical Techniques."  He is a genius.  His compositions are beautifully written and have been performed by orchestras all over the world.  He has a wealth of knowledge to teach.  I can't wait to learn from him.  I'm determined to give it my very best and get an A in the class to keep my 4.0 GPA going... it's going to be a challenge.

First assignment:  Analyze chords and keys (modulations) beat by beat - or even half beats - for 9 Bach chorales, 3 Chopin preludes, and answer 11 questions about 1 Chopin mazurka and the piece "Der Neugierige" by Schubert as well as writing four short paragraphs about the Chopin preludes.   All due next Tuesday night.

Every spare moment of my week has been spent on analyzing these pieces.  My brain is back to looking at music differently again... and it's tired :)

Update on 9/12/2015:  About to do week 4 of classes.  Got a 100% on my first quiz and 100% plus extra credit on quiz two.  Here's to hoping my hard work on fugues and inventions earns another A+ on my quiz this Tuesday.  Dr. Harder is a genius. (Think I've said that before)  Homework has lightened up...I'm thankful that he made us get used to analyzing again and doing so with tons of practice.


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