Camp Dry Gulch

Riley went to Camp Dry Gulch for six days this past week.  Over 400 kids from our church and many leaders embarked on an amazing adventure in Dry Gulch, Oklahoma.

We weren't sure how the week was going as she wasn't in many of the pictures and we didn't have correspondence with her for the time she was gone, but we prayed and hoped she was having a great time.

My mom and all three of us went to go pick her up from church.  My mom had made some cute signs to welcome Riley and we had quickly colored in a few of them as we found out she was an hour early to getting to the church!  When we arrived, the buses were pulling in (perfect timing!)  We held up the signs and Jeremy was the first to find her.  Riley was waving furiously out the darkened window.  She looked so incredibly happy and then held up her new little stuffed animal and made it dance in the window.  I got a little teary... sure had missed her!

When she got off the bus, she said "It's Me!!  I'm back!!"  As Julia went to give her a hug, Riley snubbed us all and ran to find her best friend Heather.  She was wanting to be sure to say goodbye to her before she left.  Riley was happy to be home and told us several things about her experience.

She said that there were 22 girls in her cabin.  She got to sleep on the top of a bunk while Miss Olivia slept underneath her.  She said the top bunk had bars to keep her in but the bottom bunk didn't.  And they wanted the smaller girl on the top bunk instead of the counselor on top.  She loved that she got to share a bunk with one of the counselors.  She said they were both so nice.

Riley continued to tell us how she was too short to do the single go-cart, but she drove the double one two times.  Thought it was kind of boring because she wanted to do a single go-cart by herself.

My favorite statement was when she described how they got everything finished and cleaned on the last day.  "We had to put our mattresses up against the wall and pick up the paper towels off of the bathroom floor.  Like first they let you play and then they make you work."

Me:  It's a hard knock life...

Riley:  I told them it was like a fancy orphanage.

(this was followed by tons of laughter from all of us)

Her friend Sydney lost her tooth at camp and the tooth fairy came!  But another friend lost her tooth on another day and she was told that the tooth fairy could only make it to camp on specific days and she didn't come.

Riley was very impressed that her friend Sydney got letters from her dog.  She said "Our dog is smarter than every other dog.  Except Sydney's.  Her dog wrote her letters!!  Unless it was her mom that wrote letters for the dog...." and then she had a thinking face for a while.

She loved camp and was glad to be home at the same time.  I know she learned a lot about God and Jesus and her faith as she's been singing the camp songs and made a picture at church today that had tons of things written on the cross that had been mentioned in the videos/pics from camp.  I love that she had a successful camp experience and seems so much more mature now.  What an awesome girl!


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