Reviewing Resolutions 2014

My 15 goals this past year were:

1.  Send a card/letter/email to a different person every week
Mostly - missed a few weeks

2.  Orff Level II
Second best thing I did all year... love my friends and the learning.  It was amazing.

3.  Start Masters Degree at SMU
Best thing I did all year... beyond thrilled to be able to do this and to be with a group of amazing friends as we learn.

4.  Read 20 books from four categories: spiritual/classics/educational/my choosing
Ended up reading 44 books... so. many. good. books!!!

5.  $50 a month per person in 'fun money' for clothes
Great at this for a while - not so much the end of the year.  Stopped keeping track.  Though I didn't buy near as much as I have in the past.

6.  Commission chart for girls
Found that we didn't need to pay them for things they need to do anyway

7.  Exercise two days a week
Check!  This was an easy one.  Very do-able.  Joined the gym (my Mother's Day gift) and loving spending time with my mom at classes, meeting with a trainer a few times and working out at a great and close location.

8.  Travel somewhere as a family
Does going to Grapevine to stay at the Gaylord Texan count?!

9.  Money Saving Challenge
Check!  Fun and rewarding!

10.  Kindness Advent in month of December
One act of kindness every day in December.  Awesome time as a family and fun to bless others.

11.  Paint downstairs bathroom
Did this with an ER visit and also painted our master bathroom.

12.  Women's Bible Study
Attended the Crash the Chatterbox bible study.  Loved it!

13.  Cook a meal with my mom every month
We did great the first six months and didn't do any meals after July :(  Loved what we did do!

14. Pray for a specific person each day of the week all year
Found it easy to remember specific people to pray for throughout the year, but didn't do a great job remembering one person each day.

15.  Learned to play one new song on the piano each month
Thanks to my favorite pianist, Chad Lawson, I absolutely loved learning new material each month.  I have a slight crush on his abilities and his music.


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