No Bunnies Allowed

Yesterday my friend Julie invited the girls and I to spend time at her house decorating super cute gingerbread men.  She invited one of her daughter's friends from dance as well.  The four girls enjoyed icing their gingerbread men and decorating them.  Riley loved the sprinkles and spent plenty of time making sure each section was covered in different colors.  Julia loved the gold beads and refused to use anything except for these.

Then Julia decided that she wanted to simply eat all the icing off her gingerbread man.  So she took each bead off one at a time and asked for my help in taking them off.  Once everything was removed, she went to town eating as much frosting off of it as possible.

I had a haircut appointment and the girls were all planning to watch a movie.  I had told Julia ahead of time and she had said to let the girls stay and play.  It was a complete blessing!  During my haircut, I received a text from her.

Ashleigh, Julie's daughter, has a huge bunny cage and a cute little black bunny.  The girls were going to hold it and play with it while I was gone.  Riley snuggled with it and had no issues.  Julia held the bunny and gave it kisses.  It took no time before her eyes both swelled shut and she broke out in hives on her face and arms.  Poor girl!!

So thankful that Julie was able to give her benadryl.  By the time I got the text, there was only 10 minutes left of my hair appointment (I'd left my phone in my purse and didn't check it while the highlights were heating and my hair was washed).  As soon as I got to Julie's home, Julia looked so pitiful... and she'd had the benadryl working for the last hour.  They said she was already looking better.

Thankful for great friends who take care of my girls.  And thankful to find out that purchasing a bunny is not a good idea before ever buying one.  Poor Juju.  She crashed in the car and slept so hard once we got home.  She perked up later that night, but her eyes stayed slightly swollen.  Today was herself again which was great.

***Today (two days later): Julia went outside to play on the slide and came inside with hives all on her arms.  This is typical and occurs whenever she goes outside to play.  I gave her a shower and got the allergens off.  We haven't ever been sure about what exactly bothers her until now.  We have bunnies that love our yard and spend their time in our grass.  Thinking that this is what triggers it... as pollens and grass everywhere else are completely fine.  Poor Juju - no bunnies for sure!


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