Doll Accessories!

The girls had a fabulous Christmas.  It was smaller and more simpler than the past few years and absolutely perfect.  No need to go overboard and Santa kept things fun for them.  Lots of books, puzzles, stickers and fun craft projects.  Riley got a Yoda and Ewok stuffed animals.  Julia got an Anna doll and Olaf from the movie Frozen.

At one point, Julia unwrapped a gift that was a new outfit for her American Girl doll.  She announced loudly "Doll accessories!!!  I got doll accessories!!!!"  We loved that she used the word 'accessories.'  Just sounds funny when a four year old says it... and much cuter than when we do.

The girls got a few board games.  We played Life and Trouble already this morning.

All four of us received Nerf guns (Julia calls them Surf guns).  We played with them for a bit... more Jeremy and I playing with them than the girls.  Unfortunately I don't have great aim.  I went to shoot Jeremy, but Riley was in my way (actually I just have terrible aim) and I shot her in the cheek.  Left a round mark for a bit.

Then shot Julia in the leg and left a circle on her leg.  Called it quits after that.


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