Corporate Party

Tonight I had the opportunity to be the entertainment at a corporate party in Dallas.  A friend recommended me as the pianist and I was hired to play for three hours during the party at the home of the President of the company.  It was such a great experience.

The Vice-President's daughter was hired to sing.  We rehearsed together last weekend and had a great time making music.  Tonight was a fabulous night.  The time flew by and it was incredible to create music.  I would have never thought that I'd use my piano skills in this way.  It is so fulfilling to not only teach piano lessons, but to be able to perform as a musician professionally.  I don't often get the opportunity to do this and absolutely loved it.

It was fun to talk with Riley about it afterward.  About how neat it is to use your talents and to do something that you love.  Hoping that she'll find this to be true as she grows older and uses her talents in neat ways.


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