Advent Week Four

This is a short week...

Week Four:
22 - Purchase a gift card at Target and give it to the person in line behind us
The girls and I went shopping for new pjs for them today.  We were going to go to my parents' house and I didn't want them to have to make or purchase dinner for us.  We found some really cute pancake cutters and cookie cutters at William-Sonoma so we thought we'd make a special dinner!

Pancake Cutters - so cute!!!  Now to get the pancake pen... too cool

Cookie Cutters - can't wait to try these out this weekend

Plus my mom had twisted her ankle at work on the pavement and was feeling as though it wasn't going so well.  The girls wanted to do something sweet for her.  Again, William-Sonoma had the coolest items:

Mulling Spices

Mulling Spice Ball - not exactly the one I purchased in the store, but similar.  Couldn't find the one on their website.  Can't wait to try it out!

I digress.... so we ended up going to Target on our way to my parents' house to get some items for our pancake dinner.  Only I forgot apple cider and so we didn't actually get to try the mulling spices.  But the pancakes were fun!  As we got in line, I thought about our advent kindness acts and it was the perfect time to do this one.

The girls were excited to give the gift card to the family behind us.  They kept opening new lines and several people changed behind us.  I prayed that the right family would end up behind us and that they would be blessed.  A woman and her daughter stayed in line.

After purchasing everything, I handed the gift card to the girls and had them give it to the woman.  They said 'Merry Christmas!' so sweetly and the woman just smiled big and waved.  She looked at the card strangely and the cashier just smiled.  We didn't say much but just continued on.  Hoping that it blessed her!

23 - Read the story of the first Christmas as a family
We did our best to do this again like last year.  The girls did not want to cooperate (just like last year).  They wouldn't stop laughing and goofing around (probably because we were trying it too late and they were overtired).  So we divided and conquered.  Jeremy read the story to Julia.  I read the story to Riley.  Riley then had tons and tons of amazing questions about angels, Satan and demons - all due to the angels appearing to shepherds in the Bible.  We looked up a few answers I didn't know.  She truly wanted to know what they all looked like.  We talked about physical form vs. spirit.  I did the best explanation that I could despite not being able to fully describe what a spirit looks like... hard to explain that something could be void of form.

24 - Spend time with family and go to our Christmas Eve Service at church
We spent time together and watched the service from our home on Vimeo.  It worked for us and the girls were able to get to bed fairly early.  Julia especially!


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