Advent Week Three

This week was much more difficult than the others had been.

Week Three:
15 - Buy donuts for Julia's school staff
- Completely forgot... ugh!

16 - North Pole Exposure: Choir Musical
- so proud of the kids

17 - Make Christmas cards/notes for the girls' teachers
We cheated on this one.  Didn't make them, but simply went to Target and bought them gift cards and I wrote thank you notes.

18 - Julia's School Musical
This was a fun event for the family!  Julia was a complete star (in our eyes anyway).  She did a fabulous job!!

19 - Pay for someone's dinner at the Texas Legends Game
Riley and I went to the Legends game together where I directed the Ethridge Choir.  I got her dinner and gave the extra $$ towards the next person's meal that came.  Hope it blessed them!

20 - Watch the movie "Elf" as a family
We had a great time together watching a movie with no other interruptions.  This is a very very hard one for me.  I am always doing something else while watching tv (crocheting, Facebook, reading...)  So hard for me to sit down and do nothing while watching tv.  Was truly great to have time together.

21 - Ummmm....
Thinking we didn't do anything because I honestly can't remember what we did.


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