Advent Week Two

The second week of kindness was eventful to say the least!  It was a jam-packed week.  There were days the girls were cranky and days when I just wasn't feeling up to doing it.  But we did and it was great.

DAY EIGHT:  Put $$ on a students' lunch account at school
I handed Riley some cash and she handed it to the lunch ladies to put on an account of a student who could really use it.  Praying and trusting that it was a blessing to whomever received it.

DAY NINE:  Starbucks cards for our bus drivers
We have three wonderful bus drivers that take many of our students from school to and from their homes.  They are often forgotten and left unthanked.  Riley was thrilled to deliver gift cards to each of them and told them "Merry Christmas!"

DAY TEN: LovePacs
To be honest, on this one day in particular I was just plumb worn out. Juggling staff meeting after work followed by Riley's dance classes.  I knew that if we were going to get the food, we'd have to do it between both of these.  When we got to the store, I thought it might be better to just get a few items and call it good.  I mentioned to Riley that even a few items would be nice.  Riley was there to say "Mom, there are people who don't have food!!  A little won't work.  They need a lot of food."  So thankful for her big, huge heart.

It was a long and tiring shopping trip.  Julia cried and screamed through most of it as I refused to buy her cookies.  We talked about how we were buying for others today and that we weren't purchasing items for ourselves.  She was tired and hungry.  The combination was not ideal, but we made it!  And made the best out of the trip that we could.

We purchased enough food to feed a family for the two week break over Christmas.  LovePacs is a special organization that helps supply food to families in need.  Several families at school work with this organization and have such a love for others.

Check them out:  LovePacs.  Or at

DAY ELEVEN: Piano Recital
Fourteen students performed at the piano recital.  It was wonderful to watch them perform and listen to how far they have come since Spring.  So thankful.

DAY TWELVE:  Flowers
**Haven't done this one yet

DAY THIRTEEN: Letters and pictures for Grandpa Mo

DAY FOURTEEN:  Hugs and Hope
Send a card/letter to a child fighting cancer through this site:  Hugs and Hope


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