Frozen Wonderland

Julia's school had their Annual Holiday Performance last night at Friendship Baptist Church.  There was a cute set with white trees and snowmen boxes in white paper.  Each class came forward to sing two songs.  The entire program was based on the popular movie "Frozen."

Julia had shown a few moves to me earlier in the week and talked about it many times.  Her teacher, Ms. Asila, sent out an email showing us two options for costumes:  a tshirt with Frozen characters on it and the other was an Olaf costume.  I chose the Olaf costume as I knew Julia would absolutely love it.

Ms. Asila emailed me to say how happy and excited Julia is to wear her special costume - it was her favorite one!  I told her teacher how excited she was and she wrote back:

Yes she is! She jumped in front of the line as she sing so good :)

I figured this meant that Julia did this one time during rehearsal; didn't give it much thought.  Julia talked about the songs and how both Ariana's (Rodriguez and Hernandez) stood on either side of her during the second song.  
The day of the performance Julia asked many times how late it was and wanted to make sure she would be there on time.  She told Jeremy that she would be behind the curtain and then we wouldn't see her.  Then they would open the curtain and we would see her.

Julia didn't want to wear her coat out to the car.  Riley piped up with "She won't be cold!  She's already frozen because she's a snowman."  We laughed - so wity!  We dropped her off with her class of Olafs.  She said she was a little nervous and I told her that I'd be surprised if she wasn't, but that she'd do great!

The first two groups were really cute.  Julia's group was the third to perform.  Her class stood in a u-shape.  Julia stood in the middle of the stage in front of her entire class.  She looked very confident. Then the music began...

Julia knew every word and every motion!!  The class followed her and she led the entire first song.  No fear whatsoever.  At the end of the song, she did this pose where she lunged back with her hands on her hips.  The rest of the class stood there.  Then she bowed by herself.  I asked if Ms. Asila asked her to do these things and she said "No.  I asked her if I could do them."

The second song "For the First Time in Forever" was once again led by Julia.  She sang and danced her little heart out.  She didn't miss a step.

One of my coworkers has a little girl in the program and commented on how it looked as though the teacher had put Julia in the middle to lead the group and how Julia was so great... said "She's definitely the music teacher's kid!"

Guess we've got two little performers in the family... or four if you include Jeremy and I.


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