Month Seven Review

Another highly productive month.  It was also a beautiful and cooler July than we've seen in Texas in years.  Only four months to go of 2014!  And a great year so far!

Goals for 2014:

1 - Wasn't as on top of things as far as sending emails or letter this month.  Hoping to make it more of a priority in August again!

2 - Finished Orff Level II in June!  Loved it.

3 - Start my Master's Degree at SMU in about three weeks.  Attending a study group, spending roughly 3-6 hours a day studying and have my first class the last week of August!  Woo hoo!!

4 - Have read lots of great books this year!  Truly enjoying it.

5 - Overspent this month on paint and doctor bills.  Had our sprinkler system redone and our dryer wasn't working.   Cha ching...  Total costs so far:  $588 just for the ambulance;  $1200 roughly for the ER room and doctor... several other bills still coming in.  Ouch!

6 - No allowance.  Girls just doing things around the house as a part of the family.

7 - Didn't have as much time to exercise when I couldn't use my right hand for two weeks.  Though I'm getting back to it and feeling great.

8 - Traveling took a back seat this summer.  Totally fine.  Plenty of other things came up... like a new sprinkler system box, sensor, 44 new sprinkler heads and others.  Practically a whole new system that spent any vacation money we would have had.  Feeling like we're the couple on the movie "Up" - where they save $$ in their jar and then break it to pay for car repairs, tree falling on the house, etc...  but that's ok.

9 - Savings has been put on hold.

10 - Do our second annual "Kindness Advent" in the month of December.  Days 1-24 we do kind things for others and family events that bring us together.

11 - If one bathroom project is good, then two bathroom projects must be better, right?  After a trip to the ER from taking off the mirror in the downstairs bathroom, I rested my hand for two weeks in a cast until I could actually use it again.  I wasn't feeling like finishing it for a while and had trouble using my pinkie at first, but it's back to almost full usage (still gets quite sore and hurts at times).

I used joint compound to add texture throughout the room and then painted the bathroom.  It looks beautiful!!  Found some new hand towels from Joann Fabric's and a bath rug from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Got a mirror on sale at Kirkland's for $16.55 and a cute new wall piece from Hobby Lobby!!  Super excited about that!  Though it hasn't been hung up yet because Jeremy has been working every day for the last three weeks on a big work project.  I haven't nagged him one time and figure that I'm not going to attempt it myself after the first mirror disaster.

The bathroom looks so much better that Jeremy mentioned that I could probably do the upstairs Master Bath at some point (the last room in the house we haven't redone in the last five years of living here... excluding the office with it's oversized furniture which will be hard to do).  I was inspired (and excited) so I went ahead and did the joint compound the next day, painted the following day and did some touch ups a few days later.  It's a huge difference!  At some point we'll add some new hand towels, bath towels and decorations.  For now, just enjoying the paint and loving it.

12 - Began our Women's Summer Bible Study at Hope.  It's called "Crash the Chatterbox" by Steven Furtick.  Enjoying meeting the women in my group and forming new friends as well as retraining my mind and my thoughts.

13 - Delicious Summer Meal!!
July - Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs with Rice, homemade basil chimichurri dressing and creamy basil dressing, salad

14 - There have been several families and friends that have needed prayer for serious illnesses, diagnoses and situations.  Thankful to pray for them!

15 - Piano song this month went  ehhh.  It was not my best!  But playing one handed (especially left handed) is hard!  (for me anyway!)
July - Etudes de piano number 2 by M. Moskowski (for left hand only)
* Here is a video of the song performed faster than I am playing it - wow!


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