The Story of Jesus

Riley had a sleepover with Grandpa last night - Buca, movie and lots of ice cream, I'm sure!  It was just Julia, Jeremy and I.  We had a relaxing day.  We've been waking the girls up at 6am the last two days to start getting ready for school again.  All of us start tomorrow with teacher inservice, preschool - last year!! and TCHS camp for Riley.

Jeremy and I both read to Julia last night.  She and I read a few books while snuggled on the couch in our room while Jeremy was doing other things.  Then we all joined together in her room for a few last reads.  We ended with "The Story of Jesus."

We've read this book many times with her and she has parts of it memorized.  Jeremy would pause to let her finish the sentences.

Jeremy:  Jesus is the son of Larry.

Julia:  No!

Jeremy:  Jesus is...

Julia:  the son of God.

Jeremy:  He loves...

Julia:  us very much.

Jeremy:  We read in the Bible about Jesus and his...

Julia:  50 100 disciples.

Jeremy:  Or 12 too.  One day some children came up to Jesus.  His friends said...

Julia:  Go away!  Jesus is very tired.

Jeremy:  But Jesus said...

Julia:  Let the little children come to me.  All people should have faith like them.

Jeremy:  One day Jesus was preaching.  The people got very hungry.  One little boy had...

Julia:  five rolls and two fish for lunch.

Jeremy:  The boy gave it to Jesus to share.  Jesus fed...

*At this point, Julia looked unsure of what came next.

Jessica:  How many people did he feed?  (thinking she'd recall the number)

Julia:  (looking at the picture of the people in her book)  I don't know!  Let me count them!  1,2,3,4,5,6,7... and 8.  He fed eight people!


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