Sewing a Shirt

Last night Riley went upstairs and she was quiet for a little while.  I called up to ask what she was doing and she told me she was sewing a shirt for herself without a pattern.  Ok!  She and I sew together.  The past few days we have spent time each day sewing dresses and a cape for her American Girl dolls.  I will pin and she will sew.  Here is the dress that she sewed herself (other than the velcro, the edging at the bottom and where the sleeve meets the top).

She has been doing some sewing on her own lately.  I'll go up and check on her as she sews.  I can hear the machine and she's great about keeping her hands away from the needle.  It's an awesome Singer machine - not a kid machine.  It's made great and Riley just learned how to change the settings for the stitches so she played around with them a little bit on her shirt.

Here is what she brought down:

She said that she used one of her own shirts as a pattern.  That the material wasn't stretchy so it ended up being smaller and would likely fit Julia.  Julia didn't want to wear it, but was finally convinced to try it on.  And voila!  it fit!

So here is Riley's design:


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