Last "First Day of Preschool"

Today was Julia's first day of Preschool.  And the last "first day" at Lakeside!  She has been there for the past three years and this year will make year four.  We are beyond excited that she'll be at Ethridge with me and Riley next year.

Julia woke up at 4:45am ready to go!  I got up with her and asked if she wanted to get dressed.  Thankfully she did!  She has been thrilled about her new uniform clothing which made it really easy this morning.  She is also no longer fighting us about putting on socks which has been amazing!  As long as she can put them on herself (which is great by us), then she'll wear them all day and to bed too.  What a huge difference compared to her fighting us non-stop about wearing them all year.  To which we decided "who cares!" and let her go most of the year without them.  If she wanted to feel wood chips in her shoes after recess, that was her deal.

When we bought her new school shoes that she picked out, the new rule was that she had to wear socks with them.  No more really bad stinky feet!  And it's just safer and better anyway.  She didn't like the idea but when we got out her old Hello Kitty shoes to wear without socks and she wanted the new ones, she finally put on the socks and voila - we now have a sock wearing four year old!

After getting dressed (without shoes), I convinced her to lay down next to me to get a little more rest. 6am the alarm went off after our short nap and she was ready to go again.

Julia did an amazing job this morning - all smiles; no tears!  A great goodbye with our funny kiss and hug and then silly dance that we do when I leave.


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