Riley is obsessed with Maleficent.  Seriously obsessed.  She created wings out of cardboard and then used pipe cleaners to hold up the wings on her.  When they didn't work, she cut elastic and wrapped it around the cardboard and it's working much better.

She has walked around in a black velvet dress and her wings all day long.  She talks of nothing but Maleficent.  Why?

There is a movie out that her cousin told her about and she LOVES the trailer for the movie.  I told her I'd take her to see it soon.  She's beyond excited.

Tonight I found the girl costume on Amazon for $24 (much cheaper than the other websites) and awesome wings for $21.  We told her that if we get this costume, she can't change her mind and will have to be this.  She said "oh yes! Oh yes!  I won't change my mind and I love it.  Oh thank you Mom!!"  Being that she wanted to be Padme from Star Wars and then decided she didn't want to do it, I'm hoping we made a good choice.

Thinking that we did and hoping everything looks as good as it does online!  Now to store it for three months...


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