Memorizing Phone Numbers

Last night Julia held her play phone and asked me to come watch her because she has my phone number memorized!  She was so excited to speak each number and press each number as she recited my phone number.  Afterwards she opened her mouth wide out of excitement and we hugged and cheered.

One of the best things we ever did was to teach Riley my phone number.  Julia was catching onto a few of the numbers so it's something I've worked with her on at random times.  And not in a "you better learn this or else" kind of thing.  Just simply a "Hey - let's see if you can remember my phone number.  Then you could call me!"  (We play pretend telephone with dolls and things sometimes.)

For the past few weeks (2-3), we've played with the numbers and she's finally got it!  We shared with her that if she's ever lost and can't find us, she should find a safe person (i.e. a mom with kids nearby or a grandma or someone that is working at a store) to tell them she is lost.  Then she can give them my phone number and I can find her.

We practiced the number several times.  She then asked me to find the numbers on the phone but without saying the numbers out loud.  I did one number wrong a few times - on purpose - and Julia corrected me each time.  When I got it right, she hugged me and said she was proud of me.  "Good job Mom!!"

Highly recommend teaching your children your phone number!  You just never know when they will need it.  Our next task:  To learn our address!  She's almost there!


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