Selling Like a Girl Scout

We have a Booster Club at Sky High Gymnastics that raises money to help support the coaches and various other items that come up.  Each year we pay money for Riley to be part of the team to the Booster Club.  This year they are doing fundraisers to help offset the cost for each gymnast.

Today was the day to pick up our chocolate bars - the World's Finest Bars. (Buddy the Elf would be so proud) Riley was so excited!  "This will be like I'm a Girl Scout!  How awesome!"  Each family is responsible to sell one box of chocolates - a total of 60 bars which totals $60.

I am not against selling them, but I don't really view myself as someone who really does well in sales.    I've had jewelry parties and had only two people come.  Held another jewelry party by catalog only and no one bought anything.  Apparently jewelry selling is not my deal.  Maybe chocolate bars are more my thing!  I was determined to not let this hold Riley back and told her we'd work together to sell them.

After over half an hour that consisted of the girls picking out what to wear, Julia clothing her doll in a leotard and skirt, Julia changing her clothes twice and the girls arguing over who gets to knock and who gets to talk, we were finally out the back door and standing in the garage.  With two cute girls adorned in Sky High leotards and leggings, we made our way out the garage to sell some chocolate bars.  I said a silent prayer to Jesus that He would bless them and help them to sell bars so that they'd have fun.

We started with the two neighbors that we know.  In the car after picking up the bars, I talked with Riley about what to say.  We figured out a simple speech that introduced her, what she was selling and shared how much each bar cost.

Riley proudly walked to our first neighbor's home and rang the doorbell.  Many times before I had Julia ready and up to the door. (Oh my - sorry neighbor!  So thankful you don't have babies napping!)  Riley said so sweetly "Hi.  My name is Riley.  I'm with the Sky High Gymnastics Team.  We are selling chocolate bars.  They're only a dollar."  Then she smiled and looked up with big eyes.

Our neighbor bought two bars.

The next neighbor also bought a bar.  We chose the homes that had cars parked out front as it gave us more of a chance that there was at least one person home.  I held the box of chocolates as they were heavy for the girls and stood behind them.  Julia and Riley stood side by side a little ways back from the door.

After a few houses, the girls were pumped.  They had sold a chocolate bar at each home and were so happy.  They stood at the next house and began arguing over who was saying the speech.  They stood there pushing each other - fairly gently.  "I want to say it!"  "Not fair Riley!  You say it every time!"  "But it's for my team!"  "I want a turn.  I say it!"  I broke up the argument by saying "Hey girls - they're not home!  Let's choose who is knocking and who is saying the speech.  Riley, which role do you want at the next house?"  The girls immediately got chipper and happy again.  Riley chose to knock on the door and let Julia say the speech.

It took a few houses until someone was home.  Julia looked up sweetly at the man and said "Hi.  My name is Julia.  I do gymnastics.  Do you want a granola bar?"  He smiled and said "A granola bar?"  We let him know they were chocolate bars.  He went back to get money and bought five bars.  "I can't resist those big blue eyes!  I'll have to buy five."

After several more houses, we came upon a family who had seven children at the house - friends and relatives.  No one wanted to be left out so they bought eight bars.  So thankful for this family!!

Riley asked me "Is this what it's like to be a Girl Scout?  This is so much fun!"  I told her that she was a good sales girl and she responded "No I'm not.  They just like chocolate!"

In less than an hour, we sold 31 bars.  Then five more over the phone to my parents so that made 36 sold.

Our neighbor to our side asked us to come around 6:15pm tonight.  The girls couldn't wait to get back out there and sell more.  They bought five bars.  We saw that there was a neighbor walking towards us so Riley asked him politely if he'd like a bar.  He said he'd go back to his house to get money.  While he went to get money, Riley asked the lawn guy who was prepping to mow if he'd like one - he bought five bars.  The women whose home he was mowing the lawn for also bought five.  The neighbor who went to get money returned with $5 and also bought five bars.  A total of 20 bars sold within minutes.  56 down - four to go.

We walked up to our door and the girls rang the doorbell and knocked several times.  Jeremy answered our door and just laughed as Riley said her speech.

Later we had a solicitor come by and Riley sold a bar to him as well (despite the fact we didn't go for what he was selling).  I put out on Facebook that we had only three almond bars left and a friend said she'd take them so I'll be dropping them off to her tomorrow.  60 bars sold!!

So very proud of the girls and their determination, confidence and effort today.   We had a really fun time together and it was an easy way to help out the Booster Club!


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