Outselling a Solicitor

As we were working on dinner, a solicitor came to the door asking us questions.  Julia and Riley came to the door to stand next to me.

Solicitor:  Hi there.  I'm _____ with Vivint.  I'm sure you've seen us on tv and our commercials.

Me:  Actually, no, but that's ok.

Solicitor:  We're looking to put in a system in a home in your neighborhood.  Your house is ideal - nicely maintained lawn (thank you Scotts!), beautiful home (thank you for the compliments, but what are you really wanting?).  We're looking for someone who knows their neighbors well to give them feedback on the system if you choose to do it.  Do you know your neighbors well?

Me:  Well, we saw a few of them today.

Riley:  We sold chocolate bars!

Solicitor:  Are you a girl scout?

Me:  It was for her gymnastics team.

Riley:  They're only a dollar!

Julia:  Do you want to buy one?

Solicitor:  Let me see if I have change... (pulls out a dollar)  I'll buy one - thanks!  How can you say no to these two cute girls?

I agree, Mr. Solicitor.  I agree.

Down to three bars left to sell.  These girls are golden!


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