The past two days have been amazing - if you don't count our trip to Walmart at noon when all three of us were tired and hungry!  So I'm not going to count that time.  :)

The girls and I have read books, played Candy Land more times than I can count and laughed a ton.  I've tried some new recipes and made a chicken meal that my mom and I made for a dinner last month.  It has been unusually cold (80's to low 90's) and somewhat rainy.

We ventured to the gym, Target, Half Price Books and Walmart.  I cleaned the office and it is sparkling now!!  It truly needed a major overhaul and finally got it.    And can I just say what an amazing feeling it is to do laundry at normal times of the day?!  I love that.  I can do it when I want and then put it away during the day!  What is this?  Amazing.

Julia has been waking up bright and early.  6:30am being her latest so far.  I really think she knows that she gets extra time with me and chooses to wake up early just so we can play games, eat together and read.  Riley has been taking full advantage of sleeping in and woke up at 9:40am this morning!  Over 12 hours of sleep.  She looked taller when she got up.

The girls have created lots of fun things together.  Riley made several art things with yarn and plates that Ms. Martin had taught them in class.  She also learned how to do a few origami pieces and then created one to look like a pig for her second grade teacher who collects pig items.

This summer is beginning beautifully and wonderfully.  The girls are relaxed and I'm relaxed.  Jeremy is having a really hard time going to work and I feel really bad about that.  Summer is always hard on him.  Though I don't think teaching would really ever be his thing even if he wanted summers off...  he loves his job.  Just hard to leave family when we're in pjs or making delicious smelling breakfasts.  Glad he gets to take some with him tomorrow to work!


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