Orff Level II

Beth Melin-Nelson calls the next few days after the Orff courses "re-entry."  She always says that her family understands that it takes her a few days to process her experience and to re-enter her usual life of laundry, cooking, every-day life things.  I'm finding this to be completely true.

Having been immersed in musical experiences for virtually every waking moment the last two weeks, I am finding myself a little out of it tonight.  Jeremy even commented that he was surprised I wasn't sitting with him and Julia to watch a show.  I couldn't explain with words very well, but did the best I could.  My mind and spirit are somewhere else even though my body is at home.  I am so incredibly sad for yet another amazing two weeks that are over.  So grateful they happened!

I really felt stretched as a musician personally these two weeks and came away with new skills I hadn't even really tested or tried before.  We were asked to compose original melodies in different modes.  One of my goals was to try to write lyrics and compose to which Jacque replied that we'd be doing that in class.

When she handed out our certificates, she said kind words about each and every one of us.  When she got to me, she tilted her head and just stared at me for a moment as tears were in her eyes.  (We were pretty well all crying at this point, but it was still a very tender, sweet look) It took her a little while before speaking and as she stared at me, I said "I must be next?"  Her words to me were "You have to promise that you will write.  You have to write."  She was referring to the fact that she wants me to continue to compose songs and write music.  That I have a gift at it.  She also said something about me having a tender, graceful spirit.  Being that I admire Jacque and look at her as a mentor, I completely respect the words she spoke today.  We hugged and I received my Level II Orff Completion Certificate.

These past two weeks can not be summed up in words.  I learned so much about myself, about how to teach children, how to express movement in class and have a much larger sense of what I am able to accomplish if I take fear of failure out of the picture.

I actually improvised in Lydian mode by myself (this is huge!) in front of a large audience today for our sharing time.  Improvisation is scary for me!  I don't want to hit a wrong note or make a mistake in the sounds of the piece.  And I did it.  I actually did it.  I also improvised a singing duet with David earlier in the week and did it then too.  I don't have to fear anymore.

I truly believe I was meant to be an Orff-concentrated teacher and can't wait to see what new opportunities open up as a result of what I have learned and what I believe about myself.  Every year we end with a haunting, beautiful song as we hold hands together and weave around the room as we sing to each other to end the time together.

Song " Round and round we go, we hold each other's hands and weave our lives in a circle.  The dance is done; the song goes on."


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